Newborn Sessions




Setting up your infant session:

Sessions tend to be easier the “newer” the infant. We recommend having the infant session before baby is 10 days old.

The newborn session can last anywhere from 1 hour to 3.5 hours. Follow our prepping tips to help your session go smooth and possibly quicker.

Prepping for Baby’s session:

Why do we love these sleeping images? It represents that very first peaceful and angelic time in their life. Honestly, a newborn younger than 2 weeks old is unable to focus their eyes in one direction, and smile only by accident. The easier your new little bundle of joy sleeps, the more we can accomplish at your infant session. Below are some tips to assure you get the session you have anticipated.

Try keeping your baby awake starting about 2 hours before leaving for the studio.

Helpful tips:

Bath time, physically moving baby’s arms and legs, touching under baby’s feet. As hard as it may be, avoid cuddling and swaddling; anything that encourages baby to sleep.

It would be ideal to feed your little one as soon as you arrive for your session. This will help keep baby sleeping. Try to arrive 15 minutes prior to your session. Allowing time for a feeding.

What to bring? 

Bring any props you have been collection! Anything personalized or made unique for your little one. Anything to go with a theme for your session. IE: items associated with your job/hobby, sports, nursery decor, etc.

No props? No problem! We have tons of options for you to use at our studio.

Watch me grow plans

A great way to capture and remember baby’s first year is with our watch me grow plans!

Each plan comes with a custom album designed to show off the many changes your little one will make over the course of the first year! From looks, to personality. It’s so fun to see how your baby changes from session to session!

Deluxe Collection

5 sessions throughout baby’s first year

1 gift portrait from each session

25 custom designed flat cardds

30 page fine art album

Basic Collection

3 sessions throughout baby’s first year

1 gift portrait from each session

20 page fine art album

Be sure to attend our children’s specials throughout the year to include in your album

We suggest 2 outfits per session for variety.

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