Style Tips


Do wear a pop of color – Establish a base color, like gray and the accent with one or two splashes of color! Try a colorful scarf or cardigan that you can take on and off for photos.

Do wear something flattering – You will be photographed from all angles and will be sitting, standing, and moving around. If you feel comfortable you will look comfortable!

Do choose coordinating, not identical outfits – Stay away from matchy, matchy. Instead choose a color theme and build on it.

Do pay attention to your jewelry, shoes, hands and feet Р Add some accessories РWear cute and clean shoes РGet a manicure and pedicure



Don’t wear anything that isn’t you! We want you to be comfortable and relaxed for your session.

Don’t wear anything too trendy – You will want to look current but not dated when you look back at a photo.



Makeup Tips

1. Foundation – Avoid going too dark. Have foundation matched by a professional to match your skin tone.

2. Powder – Use it to create a mat finish and eliminate any shine.

3. Eyes – Avoid using shimmer or glitter. We suggest using matte neutral shades to bring out your beautiful eyes! When using eyeliner its best to just line the lash line creating a full looking lash. Last, don’t forget mascara. Use waterproof (aka sweat proof)

4. Cheeks – Again, avoid using a shimmery blush. Choose a shade that resembles the flush you have after exercise or laughter.

5. Lips – A naturally colored lip is most flattering in portraits because lip color trends change.




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